Tectonic Plate Tetris Theory of Workload


In Project Management circles, it's known as 'Crashing The Schedule'.


We think our title is much more fun, and much more exciting.


And much more poignant, because for us, it's like moving mountains. Or playing 'Tetris'! 


You be the judge.

Tectonic Plate Tetris Theory

This is quantum thinking at it's deepest relativity:

The speed of light is irrevelant if we choose not to see.

The speed of sound don't matter if we choose not to listen.


In workplace Health and Safety parlance, our quantum thinking applies to 'Safe Systems of Work', and comes under Section 19(3)(c) of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.


With compliments to Jackie. Thanks for all your hard work!

My Day

Just another day in the office for Pete.


'My Day' was logged as it happened. Errors included for honesty's sake.

Results are in: There were 85 discrete tasking sequences in 10 hours, leaving an average of 6.5 minutes per tasking sequence.


To be kind, you might want to factor in the 'Late Early Syndrome' as well.


Carpe diem.

The Sustainable Work

Time and Motion.

The predominant work performance theory for the last 100 years.


For operating theatre nurses it means:

"If there's still time, for God's sake, do something!"


Don't panic. 

Help us update you to the twenty-first century by turning linearity into a pyramid.


Well, it's actually a triangle, but who's geometric-ing!

TPTT and the ACORN Fatigue Guideline

So, where does Tectonic Plate Tetris Theory fit into the new ACORN Fatigue Guideline?


Far reaching consequences?

New way of thinking about how we do what we do?


It's not rocket science.


It's way more fun than that!

Pete's Workload Intensity Equation

We have lots of ways of quantifying workload.


There's the Nurse -to -Patient Ratio;

There's the Patient Dependency Rating;


Now. there's Pete's Workload Intensity Equation.


Be prepared to be amazed!

The Edge of Coping

Why were some people reduced to tears when I gave my Shinobi talks?

Am I REALLY.... that.... bad?


Somewhere, somehow, things got out of hand.



Does it matter?

What matters is that we find ways of bringing ourselves back from the precipice, because we are currently standing:

On the Edge of Coping!

Here's how.