BTT Advocates

Pete Smith

Older, though arguably not wiser, Pete Smith is me. 


I aim towards quality and safety through an appeal to logic and process, though not everyone thinks that is a good idea.


Always, seeking a sustainable quality care environment for operating theatre staff is my primary focus.


Raise your hand if you think it is a good idea!

Suzanne Rogan
Suzanne is our implementation specialist!
If you ever need a mentor, Suzanne is it!


We work with many intelligent, truly amazing and incredibly wonderful people.
We want the best for them.
We give it all we've got, so we won't die wondering. 
Read Suzanne's story here!


John Gibbs

The Guru, who prefers to keep a low profile, is younger, better looking than Pete, and better at spreading the message and getting things done.


He keeps the conversation going amongst the people who count, and is able to elicit their critique magnificently.


He also has all the good ideas, and graciously allows us to cherry pick some, and run with them.



Dr Tim Leeuwenburg

Tim's passion and enthusiasm burns with the energy of a thousand suns!


Dynamic Educator

Reflective Do-er

Critical Thinker

Multi-faceted adventurer in life and knowledge!


You could say he is a Rural Proceduralist from Kangaroo Island, but that would be missing the point: that he is an avante-garde, humanitarian New Millenium Asclepius whose reach extends to the world.


Read more about Tim here!

Great people ought to be....


Gaye Coles

Gaye is our Official Ambassador to Copenhagen.


She is our most staunch supporter ever!


Her passion and dedication to nursing are legendary.


Deakin Students who are lucky enough to have her as a teacher and mentor are fortunate indeed, and they show their gratitude in the glowing enthusiasm they bring with them to our specialty.


If you see Gaye at the ICPAN Conference in Denmark, please say "G'day".


She might even treat you to a cup of Australian Afternoon Tea!



Rob Tomlinson


Royal Blackburn Hospital, UK

Meet Rob Tomlinson.


Rob is arguably the most important clinical nurse in the NHS at this point in time because he is just the sort of role model the NHS need on their team.


His value extends from the fact that he is an inspired and inspiring clinician; he is an articulate communicator and influencer; and he is a change architect with authenticity, integrity and honesty who has taken on the challenge of improving patient safety through clinician-led culture change.

Rob is best at telling how his journey began.

That he chose 'Below Ten Thousand' as part of his vision is our lucky break.

But we are only a small part of his journey.

All his success is truly due to his hard work, creative problem solving, dedication, commitment and courage.

It is his character strengths that have carried the day.

And by the time he is finished, I dare say that the NHS, and the lucky people who have been inspired to enthusiastically share his quest, will be forever, for the better, changed.

If you meet Rob Tomlinson, be sure to shake his hand.

Because you are in the company of an excellent man.

Ash Kirk's Steering Committee

Mercy Hospital, Dunedin N.Z.

Ash Kirk is a smart man.


He created a Steering Committee to facilitate the introduction of 'Below Ten Thousand' at his hospital.

Here is Ash with Jill Wilson. 

Jill, a Nurse Coordinator, is one of the super-persuasive members of Ash's team.

The Fabulous Four consists of Ash, Jill, Judith Vercoe and Lydia Fookes

Together they have achieved great results, including moving heaven and earth to win a grant to produce a video!

Given New Zealand's talent for producing awesome movies, I get the feeling this is going to be great!

Move over, Australia!

New Zealand is showing us how it's done!


Below Ten Thousand

An international collaboration

Empowering clinicians in safety culture