Surgery Stat! (The Game)


Whilst working on the Fatigue Guideline for ACORN, I identified a problem with visualising resource limitations and therefore the ability to envision the strategic decision making neccessary to comply with evidence based practice.

Enter into a didactic discussion reliant upon my ability to persuade others?


Invent a game, and give them the framework within which they can persuade themselves!

The Board

The Game Board.


Print it off. It's free!


It is a model of (my) operating theatre suite, outlining the concrete boundaries of time, infrastructure and human resources.;s time to play!

The Rules


Of course there are rules.

They are not as hard and fast as you would imagine.

All rules are elastic.

Play with them, and see what happens.

Learning, maybe?

The Cards

Grab an operating list, real or imagined.

Overlay on the board it's evolution over the course of the day.

Using the ACORN Fatigue Guideline, develop a strategic decision making algorithm which maximises your compliance.


Not as hard as you thought.

However, beware!

When Recovery is constipated, everyone else's eyes start to water!

Example Game

To see how it works, we played a sample game.

See what you think.

Mission Possible?

Well, at least not 'Mission Impossible'.

Visualising resource boundaries and making strategic decisions?

Hmmmmm. Now I see where the dangers lie.