Weather or not

The interesting thing about the weather is that it is a non intelligent non linear sensitively dependent and highly reactive system.

One thing we know abour the weather is that it behaves according to the theories of chaos, making accurate prediction a remote possibility.

Despite all this we can't help attributing emotional value to the climactic conditions of the day.

And we expect the weather to cooperate with our expectations.

That's a big ask for a non intelligent non linear sensitive and reactive fluid system when in fact all we can do is get lucky.

We could say the same about healthcare.

The care experience is sensitively dependent on initial conditions. 

Safety precipitates in reaction to production pressure, fatigue, systems of work and the sum total of the team behaviours and skills of those enacting your care.

Considering these metrics, the system may be no more intelligent than the weather,

The patient care outcome lies somewhere on Chaos Theory's Lorenz Attractor butterfly graph.

We are all familiar with that graph's well worn rhetoric that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon can cause a hurricane in Florida.

If we seek safety as an important outcome from the mechanics of a chaotic system.....

.....then when you enter a hospital with the intention of coming out unharmed, maybe it's best to take an umbrella.


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