It’s not often I lose sleep over anything these days, but tonight is different. 

I had another call from Dee this evening as I sat on the verandah under a starry sky with a red wine at hand. 

The air was clear following the afternoon thunderstorm which delivered wind, driving rain and hail. 

In 45 minutes the sky was again clear, the moisture underfoot a promise that a fresh flush of spring grass would appear in a few days to the delight of man and beast. 

My conversation with Dee filled me with joy. 

A mere few months into her incumbency as a manager, Dee has turned a whole workplace around. 

From dysfunction and hostility she has manufactured professionality and collaboration, all working together with positivity, enthusiasm and verve. 

It is as though the whole place is rejuvenated, bursting at the seams with a new and vibrant capability. 

It takes a team to accomplish great things, and Dee is, at heart, a brilliant coach. 

Her enthusiasm and commitment to the team is infectious.

“Once I really resented having to come to work, but now, even though I might be tired, I bounce out of bed ready to take on the day!” a colleague related to her the other day. 

The safety inherent in such affirmative empowerment is huge. 

And it took just one thing:

An inspiring and supportive leader capable of bringing out the best in people. 

I’ve always said that nursing should be the best job in the world. 

Under Dee’s kind guidance, that might just be so.

After the deluge we marvel at the new growth of spring.


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