Kind Conversations

Chatting with Dee yesterday we touched briefly on ‘difficult’ conversations. 

24 hours later, a thought hits me. 

The terminology is all wrong. 

By flagging interactions as ‘difficult’, chances are you have already failed even before you have begun. 

Failed the person,

Failed yourself

And failed the process. 

Because unless you are a great actor, or exceptionally skilled at compartmentalising your thoughts, the word ‘difficult’ has already infiltrated the psyche, the body language and the defence mechanisms of both parties. 

The phrase to get in your mind is ‘kind’ conversations. 

Kind because wanting someone to succeed is kind. Wanting someone to be empowered in an personal growth process is kind. 

You have already envisaged the other person succeeding, and the interaction is bathed in a light of caring. 

Of course, sometimes people possess the wrong character strengths to effectively participate in your workplace. 

In which case it is still a kindness to coach them out of that workplace in the hope that they will find fulfilment elsewhere. 

Kind to them, kind to yourself and kind to the team. 

In the end, it all amounts to being able to propagate a team competence which drives to high quality safe effective performance. 

And being able to curate that culture.... you can never imagine how kind that is to your patients!


Great conversation!


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