Hays End


That’s the date that our hay will run out of we keep feeding at the current rate. 

It’s not that phenomenal a statement when I put it like that, except that it is. 

Making the calculation offers several strategic opportunities. 

If the spring rains don’t fall, and the summer rains hold off until February, our native grass growth will be sorely short of seasonal expectations. 

So we have decisions to make:

Destock in increments now;

Cull massively later;

Risk having to buy in large quantities of hellishly expensive feed.


In the end, the mathematics was simple, and yet no one else had done the calculation, and so, in effect, they preferred to fly blind and worry about things after they have happened. 

Healthcare is like this.

Neither clinicians nor executives are exclusive parties to problem solving. 

Patients often have insights we blankly ignore. 

I looked after the manager of a trucking company one day. 

I asked him how his experience with logistics compared with his experience of the Perioperative process. 

He was horrified.

“If we did things this way, we’d go broke!”

Like in school, what seems impossible is a problem that gets suddenly resolved when the right person shows you the way.

Are we ready to listen?

Are we ready to learn?

Bring on the patient engagement future!


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