Constructive Traitorship

Not so long ago

In a realm not so far away

Challenging the Status Quo

Brought a certain end. 

Four ends, in fact

Each spiked on a pole

And displayed 

At the four corners of the town

A warning to all 

“This is what will happen to you

If you stand up 

To the establishment”

Being hung, 


And quartered

Is no light punishment

And the more right you were

The quicker your head 

Would be stuck on a spear

To rot

In the Market Square. 

So no wonder

We have such a problem

When whistleblowers 

Stick their necks out. 

We are still inclined

By our historical impulses

And ever so keen 

To lop

That troublesome upstart’s

Head right off

With the words:

“Just who

Do they think they are!”


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