Sunday Supplement

Every good Sunday Paper has one: A supplement telling us how to live our lives better. Mindfulness Nutrition Holiday destinations The advertorials are prolific, always chipping away at our psyches, as if all we need to live better is more information. In the end, all we need to live better lives is less pressure, more time and the promise of a sustainable future. And a supportive, emotionally intelligent culture. Healthcare runs on the Sunday Supplement mentality. “All a nurse needs to be safer is more information.” Despite not changing anything else. And then we stand around and scratch our heads, and apportion blame when things go wrong. Clinicians don’t just have extraordinary amounts of knowledge. They also have knowledge fatigue. People don’t make mistakes merely for want of education. They make mistakes for want of adequate support. In order to be authentic to their mission of healing, Hospitals should be the BEST places to work. There! That gives us a vision to aim for! Let’s write out a Supplement for that! Pete!

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