Safe speed

The old man has a beast of burden. 

It is his old Suzuki Stockman Ute. 

For years it has been his workhorse, carrying him and everything he needs around the farm.

On the open road it has a top speed of 60 kph. 

So when the old man decided to go to town yesterday to buy a washer for the kitchen sink, imagine the carnage he caused on the road. 

At top speed steering is relegated to a grasp at survival because of the play in the bearings. 

There is no ‘straight ahead’.

The brakes operate on sheer goodwill. 

At the age of 90, the old man and his aged mode of transport are a force to be reckoned with, simply because of their reckless stubbornness. 

It might seem funny to the outsider, but it is less funny from within. 

Likewise in healthcare, things become reckless when we try to go too fast for the mechanics of the systems of work we operate within.

Going too fast with no steering and no breaks?

Let me out. 

I’ll walk. 

It’s safer. 


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