To Jasmine

I don’t know if it is a fair thing to do, to plunge someone back into a treasure chest of painful memories. 

But I think I’m going to do it anyway. 

Whilst Jasmine’s Mum is fatigued, exhausted by her desperate effort to induce meaningful change in healthcare, Jasmine remains forever her energetic, funny and at times fiery toddler. 

And will eternally do so. 

Her life stolen at twenty months, the passage of time will not weary little Jasmine. 

But for Joanne, Jasmine’s Mum, the memory of her beautiful baby girl, the light of her life, will remain on hold forever. 

Every 15th of February Joanne will relive the moment of Jasmine’s passing in every stark detail. 

All Joanne wants is for health care professionals to learn the lessons there to be learned from Jasmine’s death so that no one else must suffer the agonies she has been forced to endure. 

Deep Learning is not something we as health care professionals are keen to do. 

Sure we learn all the time. 

New drugs, new techniques, new equipment.


Still the same old healthcare system, too scared to look inside of itself for fear of what it might find. 

On a journey can never be ‘healing’, because how can you ‘heal’ from a black hole gaping at the centre of the universe of your soul?, Joanne has demonstrated her truly incredible authenticity. 

The system that quelled the life spirit of her baby girl has not. 

As I continue to write my book on authenticity in nursing, I always imagined I would dedicate it to John Gibbs and Rob Tomlinson, two of the most authentic nurses I know. 

But I’m going to have to apologise to them. 

Sorry guys. You are going to have to wait. 

Book Two belongs to someone else:

‘To Jasmine and Joanne,

A most authentic angelic memory,

And a most authentic struggle to be heard.’


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