If 1+1=2


‘If this then that’ equations are not uncommon in mathematics. 

They are logic arguements that derive from simple basic deductions that are proven to be true. 

In healthcare, these calculations exist also. 

For example, if you only have 400 beds in a hospital, then peak capacity is 400 inpatients at a midnight census. 

Likewise, nurses can only do so much in one shift and still remain safe. 

If 1+1=2

Then peak bed capacity and peak nurse capability equals ?

There is a definitive boundary there that gets blown to smitherines each day because educated people can’t do simple mathematics. 

In school, errors in mathematics merely got you extra homework. 

In hospitals, such errors mean that people get hurt, and that’s not just the patients, but the clinical staff as well who have no choice but to go beyond the Edge of Coping. 



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