Pilgrims Progress

Part of the secret in Pilgrims Progress is to keep moving forward when others would try to dissuade you from your goal. What keeps us stuck in the Slough of Despond that healthcare is in is that the vast majority of people who should have faith lack the courage to show it.  

The other factor is fear. 

Fear of failure stops people from even trying. 

They fail to realise that failure is one of the risks of success, and that the only real failure is to not even try. When we started on the Below Ten Thousand path, we knew that traditional methods of change mechanics and inservice education models were failures. They don’t achieve the outcomes they are supposed to. 

So we were prepared to throw the gear stick into neutral (in trucking vocabulary it’s called ‘angel gear’) and try a wildcard option, guerrilla marketing and clinician led culture change, simply to see if it worked. What pissed managers off was that it did!

And what entertained clinicians and got them engaged and excited was that it was different.  

In Pilgrims Progress, Christian achieves his goal despite much dissuasion. In doing so he proves the only way to get where you are going is to keep moving towards the goal. 


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