Packing it

I know. I should be packing. But I found some origami paper. And the sun is so nice. And I’m easily distracted. So. We are moving house. My wife, a Senior School Nurse, has been granted accommodation on campus at Geelong Grammar School where she leads the school nursing team. Positive Psychology is their thing and they take student wellbeing seriously. But. In amidst the action, I’m taking a slowing down moment to reflect. Folding paper cranes means that you invest a bit of yourself into every crane completed. Each crane is imperfect in its own way, which also makes it delightful in its own way. In a few days I’m going to catch up with my former workmates, and I’ll take my paper cranes with me. It is the smallest token of thanks I can give them, and each crane carries an unspoken message: ‘Absit Invidia’, the motto of Bunyip Creek. If ill will is absent, then each act becomes a considered act of benevolence. It’s a tough motto to live up to, but therein lies the great experiment in life. The cranes are not for sale. There are many things, like trust and good will and patient safety, that you have to build. That money just simply can’t buy. Pete!

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