Fast, congested race

We had dinner last night at Hannah and Alex’s. 

It was delicious and the company was great. 

Not least was the great pleasure of seeing my daughter’s proud proficiency as she created yet another awesome memory for us to share. 

After dinner, Hannah and her friends settled down to watch the Russian Grand Prix. 

Going that fast in such a congested grid was an amazing thing to watch. 

No one would ever suggest that Formula One racing was safe, and though the driver is the one celebrated, there is an enormous and extraordinarily focussed team behind each one to make them safer and better than ever before. 

Going fast and hard in an operating theatre is like Formula One racing in the early days. 

The risk to life and limb is huge. 

And yet, the science of safety that surrounds modern race car drivers has yet to envelop the nurse. 

Fatigue and blindness from not learning from error, imposed upon us from within negligently thought out systems of work, only compounds our risk to self, family, colleagues and patients. 

Formula One has designed safety systems that allow them to go that fast on such a congested race track full of dangers. 


When a ball of flames surrounds you, they just shrug their shoulders and set off in search of another driver. 


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