Upholding a Promise

Hi, Claire! I hope your week has been awesome! I just wanted to let you know that if it seems I have disappeared for a little while, it’s because I am working on my 2020 promise! The first thing is to nail some more words into my second book, which I aim to have at least in final draft by the time I get to your 2020 conference. I’ve already told my family that I’m going, no matter what, so if anyone dies within that timeframe, I will consider it an act of malicious intent, and not to expect me at the funeral. Lol. I’ll also be doing some groundwork, thinking about what I can offer Patient Safety Learning to reciprocate for your wonderful generosity! I’ll put together a document which I will forward to you when the time is right to overcome the temptation to fling you half a dozen half-baked ideas and leave you in no-mans-land whilst you try to fill in the gaps. I’ll look forward to resurfacing in a month or two! 


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