Cranes away

Compassion lies where it falls. 

The old man had an appointment today to see the Practice Nurse at the local doctors clinic. 

He’s not the most compliant of patients, but the nurse was very good and very understanding. 

Whilst we were waiting, my ADHD and the close proximity of a My Health Record pamphlet got the better of me. 

It’s an old trick of mine, folding paper cranes. 

I was taught by a student nurse many years ago who was buddied up with me for the day. 

I used to ask the students to teach ME something, to counterbalance the fact that I was teaching THEM something. 

The method behind my madness was revealed by my throwaway line:

“Now you get to see what a slow learner I am!”

Amidst the barrage of sensory information a novice is exposed to in a unique and challenging acute clinical area, the fact that I prove to need time to learn something new can make them feel less overwhelmed. 

The student was delighted that I was all fingers and thumbs, but passion, patience, practice and perseverance maketh the crane. 

I’ve given a lot of cranes away to patients since that first lesson. 

This time I was able to give some to Dad’s ever-capable nurse. 

Thanks so much! 


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