You’re the voice

“You’re the voice,

Try to understand it...”

So sings John Farnham.

The beauty of being able to use your voice is that you can take it anywhere; As demonstrated in Rob’s ‘Ten Thousand Feet’ video, you can invoke BTT in the middle of what you are doing and move straight on.

You don’t get distracted in your job by having to spatially move to locate some technology to do your pleading for you. BTT allows clinicians to practice leadership, patient safety advocacy and early graded escalation; In these times of ‘giving everyone a voice’, it’s important that you then show them HOW to use their voice.

The repeated exposure to BTT overcomes the fear factors associated with hierarchy and ‘getting into trouble for speaking out’

BTT moves us in the opposite direction to our reliance on technology. The beauty is that there are no costs involved. It says change doesn’t have to be complicated.

What is complicated is human behaviour, and the greatest opportunity in health is to remind people that it is our behaviour which compromises our ability to deliver harm-free care.

You’re the voice.

Try to understand that.


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