Auditioning for Safety

If you have ever been to an operating theatre Christmas party, you will know one thing for sure. 

Surgeons can’t dance. 

They come off all stiff as if to say “I’ve watched it on a movie once, but I have no idea how it goes.”

In short, the rigours of getting to a position of surgical prominence precludes many social interactions. 

Therefore when the threat of social interaction arises in the discourse of their work, they can suffer from a dearth of credible exposure. 

So in a meeting of top surgeons concerning the prevention of wrong side surgery, when Claire, a nurse, petitioned the possibility of patients being involved in the Sugical Safety Checklist to confirm correct consent and side of surgery, the suggestion went down ‘like a cup of cold spew”!


Unqualified patients?

Participate in their own care?

That’s audacious!

Or at least it is to one who underestimates the safety value and positive therapeutics of authentic social and humanistic engagement. 

Just by having the social intelligence to posit that question, my guess is that Claire can dance!


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