I know I’m in trouble because of my internal state of restlessness. 

I have so much to do, and only so much time to do it in. 

I have some tight deadlines to hit. 

Two orphan calves need feeding morning and night;

We have hay to pick up off the paddock at nightfall;

The heifer who’s calf I had to help deliver last night has headed for the forest and I will have to find her and check on her before dark;

I have a ditch to dig, a garden to water, chooks and horses to feed, and a Chateau du Bunyip that desperately needs a sweep out!

All this.....

......and then there is the Claire Effect.

Communicating via email with Claire is like talking to Rob Tomlinson or John Gibbs. Every conversation can fire off half a dozen ideas which have to be explored, found words for and documented in blog posts for future reference and discussion. 

Claire’s work, which opened a well deserved pathway onto the Darzi Fellowship for her, was to install a Ten Minute Meeting for the MET team at the start of each day. 

On the surface her idea seems ‘simple’, but ‘simple’ is far too naive a term for such a cost-neutral high value initiative such as this. 

Claire’s correspondence hinted at the character strengths required to be a driver of such entrepreneurial nurse-led change, but I suspect the single quality necessary is this:


Claire is a shining example of the fact that “you already have all the permission you need to be the change you want to see in your workplace.”

The driving force comes from within, and grows from your sense of just culture and virtue ethics. 

What you learn along the way is that you had a bucketload of dormant talents you’d never before recognised within yourself, and so, initiating such change is not just brilliant for patient safety systems learning, it is brilliant for nurturing and growth of the self and family. 

As your children observe you in full affirmational flight, something magic happens. They get infused with your passion for life; they learn what it means to live within the context of a positive mindset, which sets them up for life. 

I have observed the same phenomenon with my own kids, and with John’s kids, and given 5 year old Bessie’s tears of joy when Rob won the Patient Safety Learning Award in 2018, I strongly suspect the same will happen with Rob’s kids. 

Being the best authentic self that you can be is virtue enough. 

That you shine a guiding light 360 degrees around you as you walk the path?

THAT is the only magic we need in life! 


Claire is the Associate Director of Patient Safety at Patient Safety Learning, a charity which provides a platform for everyone with a professional or personal interest in patient safety to share and learn from one another.

Simply by sharing, we can build an exceptional future! 

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