The Old Post

Today I’m digging out an old post. It is hollow right down the middle. I am digging through an archeologist’s delight of years gone by, of rocks and clay and sometimes, discarded bits of old rusty wire. When I finally get the old post out, it will be as light as a feather. What makes the extraction difficult is the might of the earth that beckons it not to leave. Tomorrow I should be attending Mary Freer’s Compassion Revolution. But my mum recently had a cataract removal from her ‘good’ eye, and since she has a big black cloud in her other eye due to macular degeneration, she needs supervision so that her functionality can recover safely. My friend Matthew Walters will be there, so he will brief me in his usual excellent way. The gate post, the cornerstone of our property, takes effort to displace. And as healthcare moves from a past dominated by economic rationalism to a future postmarked with compassion, the transition will be equally effortful and not always smooth. I will be thankful that Matthew and Mary can both wield a spade. Pete!

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