Patients Learning Safety

It’s no coincidence that Rob’s first big win for Below Ten Thousand came from Patient Safety Learning. 

I will be interested to see what happens when patients start reading ‘The Below Ten Thousand Way’.

Because, in fact, with the patient’s Right to Safe Care and the movement to involve patients as partners in the safe delivery of their own care, it is not unreasonable for patients to request tangible proof of an institution’s safety culture. 

And now, in one simple book, they can start to get a picture of what such a thing should look like. 

What will you do when a patient turns up with a copy of ‘The Below Ten Thousand Way’ under their theatre trolley?

Will they get their shorter, safer procedure with less chance of a surgical site infection?

And can you say that, for your workplace, engagement in a safety culture is a non-negotiable part of your employment?


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