The nature of nurturing

I was talking with John last night. It was just on sundown and I was down the paddock. After about five minutes, John stopped mid-sentence. “What on EARTH are you doing?” “I’m cutting down a tree,” I replied. “With an axe?” “Yup.” “Why?” “Because with the drought, there is hardly any grass in the paddock. So I’m hoping that there will be at least SOME nutrition for the cows in the leaves of this tree.” “Why don’t you use your chainsaw?” “Because this time, it’s personal. It seems nature doesn’t share my sense of a duty of care.” Creating caring systems of work for nurses is no different to providing care for my old man’s cattle. It is an engagement thing, and the success or failure of our duty of care resides specifically in how we think about the sustainability of an enterprise that is unfortunately, whether we like it or not, eternally under extreme pressure. So what’s with the axe?

It is the only way I can fully invest the entire core of my being into the seriousness of what I am doing. I owe at least that much to the tree, to the cows and to myself, whether my actions are successful or not. Pete!

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