Seeing Stars

I must admit I felt a bit like Mick (Crocodile Dundee). 

I got a phone call the other day. 

I was driving along a dusty track down by Bunyip Creek. 

I stopped at a rusty gate, and flanked by hayed off setaria grass and a big old red gum, I took the call. 

It was from New York, and between Wall Street and Bunyip Creek a conversation took place. 

Keisha was from a book agency whose talent scouts had given ‘The Below Ten Thousand Way’ a 4.6 star rating out of 5. 

“Would you be interested in bringing your book rights across to our agency?”

That was an easy no. 

The IndieMosh team, the book and I have a synergistic relationship worth more than mere money. And the low cost we agreed upon is aimed at reach and idea spread, not greenback bread. 

Still, it was nice to have a short yarn, and I’ll take those 4.6 stars!


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