Lucky I was Ambitious

A lifetime ago someone asked me if I was ambitious. 

I still remember my answer, which took her by surprise. 

“No.... I don’t have an ambitious bone in my body!”

It turns out the I was wrong and she was right. 

It was simply that, at that point in time, on a rock in the snow on a mountaintop, a purpose for ambition had not yet revealed itself in me. 

My ambition, it seems, was to chase down what it means to have a duty of care, and a relentless chase it was. 

If it was grit that got me through, it was gratitude that kept the colours in my rainbow. 

And nowhere is gratitude more deserving than with that self-same life-evoking person who taught me to see the opportunities rather than the obstacles around me. 

With such simple reframing, we can achieve so much with so very little. 

I guess, somewhere in there, is the very meaning of being ambitious!


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