Ducks on the Pond

A duck can raze your garden to the ground fifty times over, but you can only eat a duck once. 

I love my garden. 

It feeds and sustains me. 

It gives me such pleasure and reward for my work. 

Though it’s been a meagre, meagre year. 

It’s not been the weather, although the weather has been challenging. 

It’s been the ducks. 

I’ve tried everything, but my plate remains empty, devoid of the greenery I am so desperate to grow. 

The ducks have held me prisoner by virtue of their own appetites and their sense of entitlement. 

They are bullies who relentlessly thin my patience though I do my best to treat them with respect and dignity. 

Bullies are like that. 

They take everything and shit on everything. 

It’s their way. 

In the end there was only one solution. 

Bullies ruin everything.

Bullies have to go. 


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