On the day Rob Tomlinson took delivery of his first ten copies of ‘The Below Ten Thousand Way’, I received a whack to the side of my knee from a cow. 

It was a solid lateral blow, an instinctive reaction as I brushed past her whilst feeding out hay. 

Man it hurt. What hurt more was my knowledge of orthopaedics and mechanisms of injury, but happily for me, when I checked my functionality, everything seemed intact. 

I still can hear the crunch that echoed out on contact, so I will count myself lucky that the outcome was no more serious than a cow’s hoof print etched into the side of my knee. 

I pride myself on the fact that I didn’t punish the cow for her natural reaction. 

“If a friend can’t stand on your toes,

They’re not a friend, you knows!”

The best thing about cows is that they root me in time and place, and no matter what else is going on in the world, I still need to pay full attention to where my toes are. 


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