I’m sitting here in the winter morning sun. 

In front of me swings the hammock I made out of hay baling twine. To my left the magpies and butcher birds are finishing off the mince I left out for them to tide them over the winter food gap.  

Beside me Banjo the three legged Labrador lies after wolfing down last nights leftovers. 

Around me is nothing but birdsong whilst the gentlest of breezes faintly stirs the sun-warmed air. 

On my lap is the proof copy of a book: ‘The Below Ten Thousand Way’. 

I have flicked through it once again whilst sipping my breakfast coffee and it is at this moment that the peaceful realisation, the wonderment of a job well done, descends on me. 

The book is perfect. 

It is a summation of a journey. 

It has travelled with me for but a day, but I can already feel it changing my life. 

As a farmer I can say that the farmer might make the steer but it is the butcher who makes the eye fillet steak. 

As a writer I can say that the only inadequacy in the book is my ability to adequately express my ideas. 

It is the editor and the publishing team who make it a masterpiece. 

 I am immensely proud of the good fortune that placed Jenny and the IndieMosh team in my path, and I can only say that what they have done for the Below Ten Thousand cause is vastly more than I could have ever have achieved in my wildest dreams!


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