Right People, Place & Time

To whom it may concern, Campbell and Don from Asplundh Grafton arrived at our property this morning to trim a tree growing under powerlines. After talking to the 90 year old farmer Neville, they gained access to the paddock and set to work. From his vantage point whilst trimming the tree, Campbell noticed that a cow was giving birth to a calf in dire proximity to a creek nearby. The men alerted the farmer and were on hand when the calf, whilst trying to stand on unsteady feet, toppled into the water. If it wasn’t for Don and Campbell, the newborn calf would have perished within ten minutes of taking its first breath. On this cold damp winters morning under a pearlescent sky, the calf is now having its first drink from its mother happy in the knowledge that its name will forever be ‘Campbelldon Asplundh’, Codename: ‘Acqua’!

It’s a great day when you have the very right people in the very right place at the very right time.

As nurses, we often have the chance to be ‘that person’. 

However, we often question the ‘right’ of our profession to have the voice and vocabulary when those infused with hierarchy suggest we plough on regardless of obvious and inherent risk. 

Campbell and Don, tree doctors, had no trouble excercising their voice. 

Nor should we. 

Save the day!


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