Non-negotiable safety

I’ve spent half my Sunday retensioning a loose fence over by the old tanker road. 

I’ve also gone to a lot of trouble to reroute the electric fence so that it is safely out of the way when we work cattle in the yards and now the electric fence charges two strained wires instead of one loose one. 

The old man is not happy with the effort I’ve gone to. 

To him it seems much too much trouble when all that was needed was to reconnect a loose conducting wire.

Good results don’t happen by accident. They happen because you make a conscious effort to privilege the opportunities that engineer them. 

Part of getting sustainably good results lies in the sound architecture of your safety culture. 

With this in mind I urge you to visit Dunedin Mercy Hospital’s web page. 

Have a look and see what you find. 

From the very front page, their commitment to a non-negotiable safety culture shines through.

Dunedin Mercy sets the bar high. 

You can see why Ash truly rocks!!!!!


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