I am down the paddock shifting the electric fence so that the cows have fresh grass tomorrow. 

The sun is shining, there is a thin layer of sirio-stratus heralding, hopefully, the promise of a shower of rain in a few days. 

A jet stream passes overhead, a plane high in the sky heading for Brisbane, a reminder that somewhere out there civilisation carries on without me. 

A whisper of breeze fans the air whilst I carry on my solitary duty happy in the knowledge I’ve got good people helping me out far over the southern horizon. 

Ally is working on the cover of my book and I already feel that, once she has plied her craft, something phenomenal awaits. 

That before you even get to open the book, a story is being told, a narrative is already unfolding that gives us plenty to talk about before we’ve even read a word. 

The finished product is something you’ll just have to wait for. 

And before you tear open the book to read what I have written, the cover will already leave you smitten.

True story!


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