It’s a wrap!

Good luck today, Rob, as you present to the Knowlex Conference in Birmingham!

From his bio it is easy to see that Rob is the quintessential professional operating theatre nurse, and that his desire to provide excellent patient care permeates to the very core of his being. 

It’s a funny thing I find as I work my way to publishing Volume 1 of my memoirs. 

That funny thing is that despite almost three years from leaving my career, when I close my eyes, something puzzling happens. 

That puzzling thing is that in my minds eye, I still see myself, and to the core every part of myself concurs with this, as a nurse standing beside a patient on a theatre trolley. 

It is strange because I would assume that I would identify more strongly with my current professional cloak, with a stock whip in one hand, a chain saw in the other, a spray tank on my back and an Acubra on my head. 

In reality it shows that I am not a farmer at heart. I am a nurse in self-imposed exile from a workplace that pretty much succeeded in crushing the life out of me. 

I know this to be true because when I looked this morning at the potato I was placing in the warm coals of the pizza oven that doubles as a cooking chamber and a heater in winter, I realised that I had wrapped it in alfoil in exactly the same way as theatre nurses wrap and unwrap sterile bundles since time immemorial.

The first volume of my memoirs is in the hands of my editor and publisher. 

It is about my experience of introducing ‘Below Ten Thousand’ to the healthcare world. 


Who knows. 

All I know is that in my heart I am writing as a nurse. 


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