Dark Recesses

I’m out in the back corner of the property spraying weeds. Thistles and fireweed mainly. 

It is those dark recesses of the property where no one ever goes that are the most dangerous arenas for the growth of our best seeds. 

The most vigorous growth occurs here in species engineered to outmuscle, dominate, subdue. 

It is into this space I wade with my knapsack full of broad spectrum woody weed spray. 

I visit, and I revisit, and revisit again with due diligence and vigilance because one instance is never enough to usurp the bullying plants and ensure the vibrant survival of those grasses most valuable to me. 

It reminds me of the back corridors of theatres, those dark recesses where managers never go. 

It is in this location that bullies ply their trade and in doing so suffocate the flowering of youth and equally, the understory of a safety culture. 

So many times have I been witness to a manager who, in officiating a bullying claim, sprays around her office a weak mix of the antidote and when perpetrator and victim have left, sighed with relief.....

“I’m glad that’s over. That will be the end of that problem forever.” 


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