Planting Time

Anzac Day heralds the start of the season for planting rye grass pasture. 

We do it to provide winter pasture for our breeding herd. 

This year conditions could not have been better: a dry summer was followed by autumn rains.

The soil moisture is just right for the seed drill to penetrate to the correct depth, and even though we are planting in between showers, the rain will serve to strike the seed without us having to rely on irrigation. 

Perfect conditions do not come easily. Last year we had to replant some crops because rain was non-existent, the irrigator broke down and was out of action for a week. 

Growing novice nurses in an operating theatre complex is an equally precarious problem. 

Provide them with great learning conditions and students will thrive. 

They will maintain their enthusiasm for growth, they will establish healthy roots and they will flourish as they gain maturity. 

On the flip side, if you seed them into a toxic, bullying unsupportive culture their development will be stunted, fearful and weak. 

I as a farmer know what my cows and calves deserve. 

I as a nurse knew what my students and my patients deserved. 

There is much more pleasure in being a mediator for growth. 

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