I’m down the paddock restoring the pasture around the stock yards. 

It is no secret that I, Pete Smith, am a retired anaesthetic and recovery nurse. 

I once knew my job so well that it seemed to some I had ESP. 

Now I am a farmer with a disposition favourable to restoring an old family farm, not necessarily back to profitability, but certainly back to utopia for all its inhabitants, man, beast and bird alike. 

Removed from the immediacy of health care, I have only the fires of my memory, fanned by a flow of current conversations with friendly clinicians to inspire my continued passion for safety in healthcare for patient and staff member alike. 

And having floated in the breeze for two and a half years, as my blog posts have illustrated, I have, whilst pulling weeds accompanied by grazing cattle, arrived at a forward plan which combines my greatest delights: thinking, writing and potentiating. 

If my writing inspires your practice, then power to you for all time.  

Should my writings offend you, you know at whom to direct your diatribe:


Pete Smith.

+61 404 014 338

I look forward to hearing from you. 


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