Been Where? Been There!

I was talking to Rob the other day. 

It was morning for him, evening for me, so when he said “good evening” and I said “good morning” we were both right. 

Part of our conversation got me thinking about how you measure effectiveness.

Because in my game of eliminating weeds from my property, and in his game of improving a safety culture, benefit can be hard to spot. 

In the end, the measure, for the uninitiated, becomes easier if you consider that it’s easier, in both our cases, to see where WE HAVEN’T BEEN.

So when my old man drives around looking at his cows, he pays no attention to where there aren’t weeds, and instead pokes his finger at where the weeds are prolific and cries “CATASTROPHE!!!!”

Likewise with my good friend, Rob:

You will not readily identify where his effect has been greatest because no one pays attention to freedom from problems. 

All I can say is that we both persist, because that is who we are. What else could we possibly do?


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