This week will be a memorable week in the Tomlinson household.  

Bessie is off to her first Blackburn Rovers game. 

And Rob is presenting at the OneTogether 2018 conference in Birmingham on Wednesday. 

Bessie’s first time at a Rovers game inspires in me a question:

How many of us remember our very first time as a nurse in Theatre?

And what was it that drew you back?

Most of us have fairly easily identifiable answers to these questions. 

But none of us would say that we came to work in Theatres because we wanted to cause patient harm. 

‘Below Ten Thousand’ is a ridiculously simple concept that inspires a passion for patient safety in many. 

In others it inspires outrage. 

“It’s stupid!”

“It’s demeaning!”

“It undermines my authority!”

As experts in our field, we forget that we are not safe because we are perfect, we are only safe if our systems of work privilege safety. 

Each operation should be as awe-inspiring as that very first operation we saw, and each operation should be undertaken with the same fresh eyes and with an equal respect for every member of the team. 

And if the argument can be as simple as “reducing noise and distraction reduces surgical site infection,” then the wilful adoption of a simple, free, harm-reducing measure is a no-brainer. 

Bessie’s first game will inspire in her a lifelong passion for the Blackburn Rovers. 

They will be ‘her team’.

Likewise, Rob’s presentation on wednesday will inspire in you a renewed passion for the sanctity of safety in your ‘team’. 

I wish I could be there to experience Rob’s presentation for myself. 

It’s one the whole world needs to hear!


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