The Paleontology of Bullying

Should we really be surprised at the bullying currently being unearthed in the NSW Health Care system?

Bullying is something ‘Below Ten Thousand’ has been advocating against for decades. 

The only archeological tools you need to surface bullying in healthcare are nothing more substantial than a toothpick and a mascara brush. 

As an accepted behaviour bullying is damaging to any team. 

As an accepted part of a culture it is destructive of safety. 

As a blind spot in leadership it is erosive of Trust. 

“Below Ten Thousand” is just three words. 

But in implementing them in your workplace, the intelligent person has no choice but to forensically examine how everyone performs within and as a team. 

If you are in denial of Bullying, then you unwittingly create the biggest risk to staff and patient safety we know.

If you have Bullying, you don’t have a team.

Instead, you have perpetrators, passive permissives, victims and survivors. 

And that is a deeply rooted social and systemic anthropology that we in healthcare should never be willing to accept. 


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