Ash Awards

In 2012 John and I started a concept which reimagined the future of our clinical safety culture. 

It was called ‘Below Ten Thousand’.

Bringing the idea to fruition was a lot of hard work.

In this world of copyright we chose a ‘copyleft’ pathway because we knew safety and quality to be a free and universal ethical aspiration. 

Today, the true heroes of ‘Below Ten Thousand’ are the ones who take up the idea, breathe life into it and spread it to the world. 

Ash Kirk at Dunedin Mercy is one such hero. 

The effort he has put into introducing ‘Below Ten Thousand’ to his hospital and beyond has been phenomenal. 

I often wonder where people such as Ash get the energy. 

But in truth, I know. 

Working on something like this, usually in your own time and at your own expense, is an act which forges lifelong friendships. 

Ash’s display of passion and courage is fission for like minded people. 

Out of the acts of a few, inspiration and aspiration is forged in many. 

And that is why Ash and his Steering Committee of Jill, Judith and Lydia have been nominated for a Safety and Quality award. 

And whether they win or not, Mercy Hospital Dunedin, their staff and patients have already won. 

As have Ash and his team.

Good luck, everybody!

You are a modern day heroes. 


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