Letter to John Gibbs

John Gibbs is the creator of safety cultures. 

In John, I see greatness. 

John is the greatest of advocates for patients, staff and organisations. 

The one thing Barwon Health has taught you is that you have the capacity for greatness and can deliver it irrespective of every obstacle put in your way. I can honestly vouch that you have that rare core quality of being honourable, loyal and supportive of all people at all times and in all places, with the courage to act truly according to your values. 

John has committed to deliver the highest quality care possible throughout his whole career, and in time, because of his exceptionality, he will be seen as a guiding light of compassion and capability in his field of nursing. 

There is no finer person to whom anyone can entrust their life when in need. 

And I can absolutely say that my greatest accomplishment in my entire nursing career was to have you as my friend. Pete! 

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