Booking an Apology!

I must apologise for the lack of creative input into ‘Below Ten Thousand’ recently. 

You see, I’ve been putting all my creative input into crafting a book which is now nearing the end of its second draft. 

There is still work to do, though I’m feeling that the narrative is starting to take shape. 

Entitled ‘The Below Ten Thousand Way to a clinician led safety culture’ it navigates the territory available to frontline clinicians so that they may act to improve the safety of their clinical environment. 

It talks about elective compliance with ‘Below Ten Thousand’ as merely the first stepping stone to a much greater destination. 

‘Below Ten Thousand leads us to look at team behaviour. 

Team behaviour leads us to examine work flow and work intensification. 

Work intensification leads us to fatigue mitigation.

Fatigue mitigation leads us to compassionate systems of work for both the staff and the patient, and finally, only now, do we arrive at the clinician led formation of a foundational safety culture. 

It’s style is a-la-Pierre, which means that you will have to be patient with me and my ideas. 

But somewhere in between the pages there are simple dot points which will lead healthcare to a better place. 

All these matters are not new. 

In fact they are all embarrassingly simple. 

At the moment Rob is collaborating with Brian Smith at the AfPP and together they are working on the validation of ‘Below Ten Thousand’ as an effective team-based early escalation refocusing tool. 

The rest will be up to you. 

Success is simply a matter of heart. 

May your safety culture be at least as sharp as your scalpel. 


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