International Collaboration

International collaboration is of immeasurable value to us.  It overlays a constructivism upon three understandings: 1) That we do not suffer alone. What we are dealing with is a worldwide problem requiring worldwide collaboration to address it; 2) Endemic problems present great challenges, but also great opportunities. The great opportunity is the sharing of ideas, the pooling of intellectual resources, and the provision of an arena, a proving ground, for character strengths and talents we weren’t even sure we possessed; 3) Great people like Suzanne and Rob and Ash care deeply despite the Herculean effort involved. Our expression of gratitude to them is simply to support such people, and we must do so freely in whatever way we can so that they can muster the stamina to finish the job that needs to be done. We applaud Rob; we applaud the ELHT; we applaude Ash and Mercy Private, Dunedin just as we applaude Suzanne and Liverpool Hospital, Sydney.  

Especially, we applaud you, the audience for listening and engaging, because it is you who are most vital in disseminating this desperately needed harm-free nurse led culture change worldwide.  Pete!

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