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To Whom It May Concern: During our perioperative placement (12/06/18 - 06/07/18) we were overwhelmed by the support and guidance from the nursing staff in the main theatre of University Hospital Geelong. Nursing staff exceedingly helped us grow and develop our nursing skills and made our placement so rewarding. In particular we wanted to send our thanks to John Gibbs (Anaesthetic Nurse). John was a calming and encouraging presence for each of us in what was a foreign environment. John made several attempts to get to know each of us personally and showed a genuine interest in us as individuals. He built a strong rapport to be developed between us and created an environment where we felt confident to ask questions and learn. John also showed interest in our future careers, providing useful strategies to enable longevity in nursing. Not all nurses are competent in this; it is something that John should really be praised for. Each of us left our shifts with John; feeling nurtured and important. John’s enthusiasm and passion for nursing was clear in all our shifts with him. John was eager and excited to teach us all aspects of the role of an anesthetic nurse. John’s method of teaching was intentional and effective. He never ‘simply’ answered a question for us, instead he would create a pathway which would enable us to reach the correct answer our self. He was hands on; and often provided physical demonstration of skills which would further create an effective learning environment. A combination of visual and auditory learning experiences was extremely effective in us understanding whatever it was that we were trying to understand. John, also allowed all students confidence to grow significantly allowing us to be able to thrive, participate and absorb as much nursing skills and knowledge as possible. John Gibbs is exceptional at what he does as an anaesthetic nurse, very involving, engaging and incredible with all his students. During our placement other nurses that allowed us to feel significantly more comfortable and confident were Maddie N, (Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurse), Fleur (Recovery Nurse) and Lee (Scrub/Scout Nurse). All of these nurses were very welcoming and allowed us students to participate as much as possible and helped us step by step in new and daunting areas to grow and significantly enhance our clinical skills. Overall everyone on the surgical team was very welcoming, fantastic at what they do and we all very much enjoyed our time in theatre. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Teagan, Rebecca and Krissandra. (Deakin University Second Year Nursing students 2018)

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