Brand New Happy Feet

‘Ten Thousand Feet’ is fast becoming a brand that is intrinsically linked with safety and human factors in the operating theatre.

Furthermore, it is a brand which anchors Rob Tomlinson and the East Lancashire Hospital Trust with magnet status for quality and safety in health care provision.

What is the value of such a brand?

To begin with, a palpable sense of pride is obvious to those who enter the theatre environment;

New recruits to ELHT now look around themselves and say:

“So THIS is where it all started!” and they approach their work with the same expectation that quality and safety for the patient are paramount.

A ‘just culture’ is rapidly taking shape, and if the NHS were to make a case study of the changes occurring within those hallowed walls, it is right that that case study would make ELHT the epicentre of safety cultures worldwide.

That this has all happened within a period of 6 months is phenomenal, and it gives great hope to hospital governance everywhere that such a change is not only achievable, but that the journey has already been mapped.

Patients should feel reassured that Ten Thousand Feet is an active component of their care pathway.

In fact, they should demand it of their hospital and of every caregiver within it.

All eyes are on East Lancashire Hospital Trust.

They are leading the way with a brand new twist on an old world stage.


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