Cockpit Coffee

In the airline industry, the Sterile Cockpit rule dictates that distractions and non-task related chatter should be kept to a minimum.  

The rule, according to well placed sources, is not always upheld. 

‘Below Ten Thousand’ started life as a clinician led culture change initiative. 

We were reliant on goodwill to make it happen, and therefore we had to be more savvy about human nature to make it palatable and achievable. 

We understood humans are social creatures for whom social interaction is important for a million different reasons.  

We made invoking ‘Below Ten Thousand’ a judgement call with the expectation, once the call was made, that compliance would be 100%.  

Being professionals working in a professional environment, we assumed that people would behave respectfully and professionally. 

It is simple and unobtrusive, and like coffee it has the potential to turn your bad day into a good day as quickly as you can say “small full-cream double-shot latte”. 


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