Organisational Readiness

Organisational readiness to implement ’Below Ten Thousand’ is a battle each operating theatre must must fight for themselves. 

Culture arises from within, from a confluence of personality and legacy.

New directions, though evidence based and desired, require a dismantling of cognitive default modes and a reassembling of the new shared mental model. 

We would love a magic spell that, once cast, magically wiped the slate clean and heralded a new beginning. 

Unfortunately we aren’t magicians. 

Champions though we are, we can but work with what little spare time we have, around clinical workloads, around family and domestic responsibilities to make happen what we can. 

We love our work.

We love our families too and we must honour both with equal time, energy and passion.

Therefore each organisation must do their own groundwork, prepare the foundations for their own cultural change. 

In order to be valid, the drive for change must be built from within.

The warrior in each of us must rise to the challenge with the courage to embrace what is right. 

You can’t outsource culture. 

You have to manufacture it for yourself through the concerted efforts of leadership and education. 

It is what you are prepared to defend that makes you who you are, and the battle is yours to fight.  


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