Arte et labore

A hero of mine when I was growing up was The Great White Shark (the golfer Greg Norman).  

I once followed him on the golf course at Birkdale golf club.

I watched him hit the ball 350 yards, hole a 40 foot putt.... basically make the game look so easy. 

Then this one time it took him 3 attempts to hole a simple 3 foot putt. 

This got me thinking about all the footballers who can beat a goalkeeper from 30 yards and put the ball in the top corner... yet we also see the same players miss the easiest of chances / open nets. How true this can be of healthcare.

We may see 8 patients in theatre on a daily basis but after caring for hundreds of them one simple error could happen at any given time. 

The errors are mostly the ones that could have been prevented if we performed like we were below ten thousand, i.e. each of the points on the patients pathway where systems are in place to protect them from harm.

How fallible and vulnerable we all so are. 

We try our best and do some amazing work where the public often say "we don't know how you do it". 

Yet it can be simplest things that can be the most difficult and often 'trip us up'. Arte et labore Rob

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