Human Factors

Rob is on a train.  

He is off to a five day Human Factors course. 

How cool is that!

Sounds fantastic!

When he gets back, not only will he be a new and invigorated resource, but he will also be able to train others. 

Still I wonder: “is a LEGO modeling component on his course?” lol Amateurish, I know, but it is priceless to model a critical incident and watch people’s faces when I tip another 20 legomen onto the board to demonstrate the confusion that occurs with the gross influx of staff when you press the emergency bell! Even more priceless is the glow in people’s eyes when they learn to identify a human factor problem and discover ways to manage it proactively, effectively and affirmatively.

As amateurish as my LEGO model is,  it satisfies my inner child as I find applying game elements to a problem can sometimes offer up better understanding and refreshingly interesting solutions. Ironically, the people who contributed the most to systems learning via the model, and who learned the most as engaged professionals....

....were the people who DIDN’T think it was stupid!

Rob! Have a superb 5 days! 


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