Hold the Front Page!

Graham Barnes

Media Studies Lecturer

Blackburn College U.K.

Hi Graham. My name is Pete Smith. I am a small part of the ‘Below Ten Thousand’ team, and although ‘Below Ten Thousand’ started life in Geelong, Australia, our list of collaborators now seems to encircle the world. My colleague and friend John Gibbs came up with an idea that would make life easier in our operating theatres. It seemed a small innovation. But the more we looked at our generic work culture and the more we tried to apply our idea, the deeper we found ourselves immersed in the broader psychology and sociology of how individuals behave within and as a team. John and I are mere clinicians. We work every day at the coal face of public health helping people, whomever they may be, achieve the best operative outcome we can give them. Rich, poor, good, bad: we treat them all with the same care and respect. As clinicians, we relied on good faith and open collaboration to improve the robustness of our quality and safety initiative and also to infuse it into our local work culture. That collaborative process has brought the idea to your door, and with it you and your students have chosen to engage. The product you have delivered is now in the public space and I can assure you that every nurse who views it, wherever they may be in the word, will be impressed and moved by your work. Your students deserve to be well pleased with what they have achieved. The video is of the utmost professional quality. But more than that, it connects with its audience in a most engaging way, capturing the emotion of the moment in a manner that reaches in and touches the heart. Which is exactly what is needed to motivate self-induced change. It declares to each and every viewer: “You can.” “And you can because.... a cohort of talented students of Blackburn College, have shown you the way!” Rob Tomlinson and I have set the party threshold at ten thousand hits for the video. We can’t wait to celebrate. And if overnight sensations are ten years in the making, your efforts and the efforts of Rob Tomlinson, through an amazing collaboration, have advanced us five years in a heartbeat! So many thanks to everyone involved. Mere words cannot possibly convey the depth of my gratitude. Pete Smith ‘Below Ten Thousand’ Australia

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