It comes from the heart

With so much happening in the world of BTT lately, and with the effort of putting words together to form a book, I've been thinking about clinician-led culture change and all it entails.

The image that continually arises complete in my mind was found within a 'Below Ten Thousand' poster sent to me by Ashley Kirk in Dunedin.

It included a hand-drawn ECG with a heart inserted in the rhythm. 

That image is now installed in my stream of consciousness. 

It says it all. 

It informs everything I write. 

Clinicians embedded in the system of work form the cutting edge of any clinical endeavour. 

Optimising the care-giving and care-receiving experience is a matter of heart. 

Clinicians are not powerless. 

They can lead. 

All it takes is a change of heart. 

Well done to Ash and his Below Ten Thousand Steering Comittee. 

They are the change they want to see in their workplace, and they have the courage and the brilliance to see that change through!



Jill Wilson. Nurse coordinator. Ash Kirk. Anaesthetic Tech/ ODP. 

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